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Citizen App: Safety App That Simplifies Your Life


Citizen App is also a quick and easy way for users to find out what’s happening in the area and send reports. The Citizen’s goal is to make its users more aware of what’s going on in their community, where to find critical services, and to provide information on when and where to get help. Using ‘citizen-generated’ data to better understand your area, Citizen uses predictive analytics to learn about your neighborhood, tracks incidents that require assistance, and routes users to critical help.

Users can take shelter at a Citizen-run shelter. These shelters include secure rooms for shelter from the elements, generators, first aid and medical supplies, and food and water. Citizen gathers information from 911 calls made from within a large, wide radius of a particular event. The information that Citizen collects is then uploaded to its app, which users can use to access relevant information on their location.

Users can also access real-time videos and photos from surrounding areas. Citizens can also upload video and photos to help give law enforcement an accurate picture of the incident. Citizen App creators worked with police officials to address the potential of false alarms, such as photos of fake crimes. “[Crisis Alerts] allows you to connect with friends, family, or colleagues to see what’s happening nearby,” said CEO, Andrew Frame in a statement. “We’re about sharing the world’s events in a matter that matters.”

Citizen app now includes a new feature called Crisis Alerts, which connects you to events around you that may require your immediate attention. What’s more, with over 500 events and 400 events that have recently occurred, Crisis Alerts will keep you up to date on the location and details of everyday life-saving information.

The real-time app that lets users report events in their immediate surroundings and provides safety alerts based on those reports, is now available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Citizen is the first app that utilizes police, government, and other official agency live feeds to help users get in touch with authorities to report events that they witness in real time. See this page for more information.


Find more information about them on https://citizen.com/about