Dean Omar Branham Shirley Commitment To The Society


Dean Omar Branham Shirley is a law firm whose headquarters are based in Dallas, Texas. It was established in January 2015 by Jessica Dean and Trey Braham. The firm is committed to fighting for the safety of workers in their workplace and product safety. It acts on corporates whose actions threaten the protection of employees through the filing of lawsuits against them and taking cases to trial. The organization believes that companies should be held liable for employee welfare.

Safety of the workplace is a right and not a privilege, and committed men and women who find it hard to get stable jobs to sustain their families should not be victimized by the carelessness of corporates. Dean Omar Branham Shirley is of the opinion that no one should be concerned about obtaining a severe injury that may lead to a disability due to negligence of safety measures by these significant corporates. It is dedicated to ensuring there are repercussions for companies that don’t abide by rules meant to protect employees’ lives.

Dean Omar Branham Shirley was founded mainly to put forward liability to comprehensive spread companies. It anticipates what corporates should do and the consequences facing culprits infringing the rules. The firm believes that imposing safety directives that companies had historically disregarded generates surroundings for better corporate decision-making in times to come. Driven by devotion to the law, the law firm fights bravely for the helpless by using its legal proficiency to attain justice.

The Dean Omar Branham Shirley team is also committed to giving back to society. They try to work with neighbors and friends, give care to the needy and work to make the community safer for the residents. It corresponds to the idea behind the establishment of the firm, and the community appreciates what the firm has done for them and hopes it will keep on living up to its mission and vision.