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Dr. Sam Jejurikar: Dallas Top Aesthetic Surgeon

Sameer Jejurikar is a Dallas-based doctor with a positive reputation for his significant role. He is among the most known and highly respected health practitioners. He is certified and accredited to perform in the medical field by the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Sameer’s area of focus in the medical field is cosmetic surgery. He would major in breast, body, nose, and eye surgery. Those who know him refer to him as a doctor who pays attention to everything and values his clients. His progress has been contributed by several factors, including his vast knowledge and surgical techniques. The passion he harbors is also contributing factor to his growth. Several patients compliment him for coming up with innovative approaches to their problems.

Also, the doctor ascertains that the tools he uses for surgical operations are advanced and intact. The entire surgical process is done with compassion, precision, and safety. The entire Dallas society prides itself in its own made Dallas-cosmetic surgeon Sameer Jejurikar. He qualifies to be among the few aesthetic doctors in the United States.

Jejurikar joined the University of Michigan, earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences. He later enrolled at Michigan Medical School for his medical degree. He got a position at the prestigious Manhattan Ear, Eye, and Throat Hospital as a residency student. He would major in aesthetic surgery during the entire residency. Sameer has drafted several helpful medical books. He is a mentor and road map to many.

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