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How Ryan Bishti Turned Customers Into Marketers.

Marketing requires a lot of research to come up with strategies and ideas. That’s the power of marketing for businesses; it allows you to connect with customers in a way that gives them agency over their experiences and empowers them to ask questions. Because of this, marketers are always looking for new ways to stay relevant and demonstrate value. Ryan Bishti, a hospitality innovator, makes reasonable expectations and promises for every customer. Ryan achieves this by sticking to his cardinal rule, where he has turned his customers into marketers using the following marketing strategies.

Connect With Your Customers

Marketers who can connect with customers can create a deeper relationship with them. There are many ways to do this, but the easiest and most effective way is to be transparent and authentic. When you’re okay, you’re letting your customers know what you think and feel about your business. By letting them in, the customers will feel more connected to your brand and product. You can also connect with your customers by listening to what they say.

Find Out What Matters To Them

You can conduct surveys, find out what your customers have said about your brand on social media, and find out what articles or content are shared and discussed on your website or blog. You can create content/offerings that address these issues and concerns.

Understand Their Needs And Behaviours

This allows you to create content with a purpose and help your customers. You can find out your customers’ health issues and create content that addresses these concerns. Once you know your customers’ health issues, you can create content that addresses those issues.


Marketing is changing and adapting to new customer behaviors. Customers now have a lot more power than they used to, with the ability to share negative reviews online by connecting with your customers, finding out what matters to them, and staying in touch with current customers. These are the first steps to building a culture of advocacy and participation.