Jason Hughes Commitment In the Commercial Property Industry

Jason Hughes is the man behind the establishment of Hughes Marino. It is a renowned company in tenant  and buyer representation in commercial properties. The firm is located in San Diego and offers various services to its consumers, such as leasing, buying, and building commercial space. 


Jason Hughes attended Pepperdine University, where he pursued a Bachelor of Science specializing in business administration. He later got an opportunity to venture into a career in commercial tenant representation and lease accounting services. CEO and entrepreneur Jason Hughes worked at Cushman & Wakefield in Los Angeles before establishing Hughes Marino. 


After moving to San Diego, he was involved in several jobs with his wife, representing tenants. Jason Hughes and his wife Shay worked tirelessly with corporates, nonprofit clients, and municipalities to support them to agree on promising lease or purchase terms.


Hughes Marino started as a small local joint in the early 1990s. Since then, Jason Hughes has expanded his services in San Diego and other West Coast regions. His main objective was to bring change in the commercial property field, which favors the property owners. Hughes Marino has brought a revolution in the commercial property industry, and its impact is still felt till today.


Despite Jason Hughes being known for his resilience in the business field, he has also been actively involved in philanthropic acts. He gives back to the community, and his first priority is ending child abuse. Jason Hughes has been part of the Child Abuse Prevention Foundation to see all the children are treated with much love and care. The business community in San Diego has continually recognized Jason Hughes’s success both as a fruitful businessman and a passionate philanthropist.