Jason Hughes Using His Company, Hughes Marino, To Transform the San Diego Area

Jason Hughes is one of the most renowned property investment negotiators in the San Diego area. He started his property management journey in the early 80s while living in Los Angeles. He later relocated to San Diego to work as a representative of municipal, corporate and non-profit tenants. Jason Hughes represented these entities in their rental agreements and property purchase arrangements for almost three decades. During his time representing tenants in San Diego, Jason Hughes was able to develop leadership skills. 


This was through his hard work and determination to serve people. That pushed him towards establishing his own company. His experience was as a result of working with different organizations, including Irving Hughes and others (Crunchbase). 


Hughes Marino


Jason Hughes formed his own company, Hughes Marino buyer representation firm, in 1995 with a mission to protect the well-being and needs of property buyers and tenants in the San Diego area. However, through its outstanding performance when representing property clients, the company managed to spread its route, and it now serves many locations in the west coast region. 


Role of Hughes Marino in the Property Industry


Hughes Marino, a San Diego-based company, provides numerous services that revolve around buyer and tenant representations. Under the leadership of Jason Hughes, some of the services it offers include:


*Buyer representation


*Tenant representation 


*Planning and design


*Lease auditing 


*Lease accounting 


*Construction management


The roles Jason Hughes and his team play at Hughes Marino have positively influenced the property management industry in the San Diego area. Hughes Marino is an industry leader. It prides itself on negotiating critical tenant lease transactions in San Diego and the other West Coast areas.