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Learn Forex Trading Skills With IM Academy

Are you interested in making money in forex (foreign exchange) trading? The good news is that there is an online educational site known as IM Academy.

IM Academy provides digital educational services and products covering essential forex trading knowledge and skills. It also offers training sessions that will allow you to understand the forex trading process. This article provides some of the information you would like to know about the company.

About IM Academy

This institution was founded by Terry and De La Torre. They founded IM Academy in 2013. Their vision was to create an online platform that is easily accessible to those interested in forex trading. This platform was designed to provide interactive and accessible training for individuals interested in trading to help them gain essential skills that they could use in their trading careers. The academy has grown into a large company with over two hundred thousand active subscribers who rely on its educational services and products.

IM Academy Products

The company refers to its core products as academies. These academies are available on the organization’s website. They include;

Discount Bundle Package

Instead of enrolling for the academies individually, the company has a discounted package known as Elite Academy. This package allows students to register for all the four academies at a discounted price. It offers a discount of forty-eight percent on a monthly subscription and fifty-four percent on an initial subscription.

Optional Add-Ons

IM provides learners with the alternative to add on specialized programs. This option allows learners to specialize in areas of interest once they have understood the basics of forex trading and have developed an interest in a specific area. If you are a forex trading enthusiast, then IM Academy is the best option for you! Like this page on Facebook, to learn more about them.


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