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Microsoft´s Azure Global and Vice President Tom Keane Ensure Vital Partnership With Airbus

Azure Space and Airbus have joined forces to ensure that Azure Maps by Microsoft houses the most up-to-date and reliable satellite imagery and elevation data it possibly can. The partnership is supervised by software developer and engineer Tom Keane. This is vital because Azure Maps helps forecast supply chain issues, aids first responders in shaving time off of their life-saving routes, and can even assist in restoring endangered wetland areas that are crucial to the survival of many wildlife species. 


How Does Airbus Help Azure Maps?


Tom Keane explains that Airbus provides Azure Maps with high-resolution specs. For instance, SPOT hosts an impressive 1.5m resolution, while Pleiades Neo and Pleiades offer 30cm and 50cm precision imagery, respectively. 


WorldDem elevation data is also made available thanks to Airbus and the global dataset with a 24m resolution as Tom Keane explains. These specs at WorldDem ensure the proficiency and accuracy needed for the high-stakes situations many who rely on Microsoft’s Azure Maps are dealing with. 


The Man Behind Microsoft’s Azure Global’s Capabilities


Software developer Tom Keane is the award-winning vice president that helps head the important heavy-hitting projects at Microsoft Azure Global. He was even awarded Cloud Industry Executive of the year by WashingtonExec in 2021 (Crunchbase). 

Tom Keane is lauded for his work on Azure’s top secret government cloud projects as well as his extensive work in creating edge gadgets. These are the gadgets that helped turn Microsoft Azure into a global service that is now vital to conservationists, businesses, first responders, and more. Going forward, Keane hopes to continue to ensure important partnerships, as well as to keep Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform secure and fast for its customers.