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Robert Bull, CEO of RoyaleLife on the Resurgence in Single Storey Living

Since 1945, RoyaleLife has been working hard to increase awareness about the benefits of single storey living and gain the confidence of its members to move forward with the house-buying journey. In June 2018, the company was the winner of the Power to Change award and firm’s staff have likewise been identified for their work at their regional awards. Leadership is an important role in one’s life. The same holds true for any company. Robert Bull understands that a company leader needs to be more than just a CEO or a manager.

Bull needs to help inspire his team. He needs to share his knowledge and experience with them and inspire them to follow the same path. Robert Bull says, “Through our company, we recognize that the journey for customers and clients starts with us. We believe in changing people’s lives by empowering them.” “At RoyaleLife, we are continuously building the foundation of a new way of life. Our clients start with our high-quality furniture collections. Our furniture sets are customizable and perfectly suited to their needs.

With our furniture, they find freedom to explore and travel.” Robert Bull added, “We all know that size is everything to a home, and many of us look at houses from the outside before deciding to move in. But imagine stepping into a house that is one storey and the most important thing about it is the space: the quality of space in your living space. It means you will have the amount of storage, study, kitchen, etc. you need. “On an average, we park over 10 times a day. It’s a common sight to see people living in apartments with fewer cars in their area and frequent trips to shops, schools and offices.

While the process has increased in our everyday lives, more people have started working from home, taking less public transport to their workplaces,” noted Robert Bull. “The bungalow provider envisions a better future in which every occupant can choose the most convenient way for moving from various places in the apartment. RoyaleLife’s focus on easing the journey from home to work allows occupants to take an alternate mode of living.” Go Here for related Information.