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In the world of several resources and yet needy millions of persons, the proper petition to contemplate will necessarily be a person who understands that enables them to activate these resources for the common good. An emblem of such imagery of a person could be found in Mr. John Ritenour, the co-founder of the IOA foundation. After several years of labor in this company, he has practically built a system that regenerates funds for the good of many. Mr. John Ritenour is known for his excellent entrepreneurial skills and the successes he has chalked. He is also known for his excellent understanding of the aspect of human relationships and development. The depth of his knowledge of human development can be chronologically traced back to his beginnings. He benefits from exposure to several conditions in different neighborhoods. Conditions that exposed him to how to deal with want and neediness. Consequent to this is his propensity to give back generously to the communities where he was nurtured.

To this end, Mr. John Ritenour resorts to a new perspective of rendering help to those in situations similar to his beginnings. He revokes the status quo of just giving funds and instead nurtures methods that make candidates under his help more productive through rigorous talent development. Thus, developing in them the capacity to optimize their gift through positive interaction. In addition to this are several initiatives to bountifully to his community in Florida and even across the world. Some of these initiatives include; the IOA corporate 5k charity run, the joint local business fitness and awareness programs, and others.

Records have it that John Ritenour was only an affiliate of this project in 1995. However, in the year 2000, he had grown enough intending to give a total revamp to the whole project to give back to his community. He aims to break constraints and give people unlimited chances to be at their best to themselves and society through talent development and quality relationships. He is a gift to his community.

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