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The Success And Leadership Of Andrew Frame

Since he was a teenager, Andrew Frame has immersed himself in the worlds of software development and business. Over the years, he has filled many roles in information technology, and he has been at the helm of a number of successful businesses.

He is from Las Vegas and currently works in different cities in the United States. He has long thrived in the arena where commerce meets digital technology.

His current venture is Citizen App, a security company that makes the locations and situations of its users available rapidly, when needed, to first responders. The user has an app that helps them quickly get help in times of danger.


Andrew Frame is inspired by helping others. He is an entrepreneur, but he is very much someone who believes in using his talents to help others. Citizen is his way of not only providing a service that is not being provided elsewhere but of reaching out to his fellow humans.

Work habits

Andrew Frame has found that he is most productive in the early morning hours. Therefore, he gets up at dawn and gets straight to work. His day generally starts by checking emails. A multitasker, he generally listens to news podcasts and financial reports as he works on his business.

On most days, he meets with the core Citizen team at seven AM. This is where short-term goals are made and where he gets current on what went on since the last meeting. He is all about listening to his subordinates rather than bossing them around and micromanaging.

A well-rounded person, Andrew Frame spends his spare time ballroom dancing and reading poetry and other literature. He works long hours, but he also enjoys his downtime and feels that it invigorates him for whatever his work brings. See this article for additional information


Learn more about Frame can be found on https://www.bloomberg.com/profile/person/18425349