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Tieks, Your Number One Ballet Flats


Many customers have positive reviews regarding Tieks ballet flats. They feel that the prices of the flat shoes are worth it as most tend to buy more pairs. Additionally, the company has exceptional customer service, which answers vital customer questions like how to choose the design and styles, how to know the right size for your feet, how to care for your ballet flats, and how to acquire coupons and get the best deals.

Tieks has produced various designs of ballet flats. Some of them are Matte Black, Midnight Blue, Pacific Green, and Tyrian Purple. All these flats are comfortable, and one can wear them in various ceremonies, especially when you are tired of wearing heels. The company has also incorporated different styles for their shoes like Prints ( made with standard leather and have patterns such as metallic and leopard print), Classics (made with standard leather and are solid colored), Vegan (not made of any animal products) and Patents (made with patent leather and have a solid color).

Tieks has an efficient exchange policy. If your flats are not the perfect fit, you can reach out to customer service for a size up or down, and they will exchange them for you. Consider your larger foot first to ensure that your feet fit comfortably in the flats. The flats are made with high-quality leather, making them difficult to stretch; therefore, you should always consider purchasing the right size. Another great benefit with the flats is that they will not hurt your feet if you choose a perfect fit. These flats are great with your feet, which is why many celebrities like Oprah prefer them.

Even though the flats are made of leather, they do not make your feet sweat or smelly. However, if you have sweaty feet, you should purchase a pair of no-show socks that absorb heat. Additionally, if your flats get stinky, you can always spray them with deodorant. Refer to this article for additional information.


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