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What Is PosiGen About?

PosiGen is a provider of solar panels and has made it its goal to make all solar panels available to everyone as a source of energy no matter what your economic standing is. This desire and passion to make sure that these solar power services were available to everyone was an outcome from the firsthand knowledge of the devastation from Hurricane Katrina. 


Everyone was down there doing their best to help out and give options to make the homes the best that they could be along with making sure the homes were as energy efficient as possible to make sure that the residents would have the best situation possible in the face of any new potential bad weather. With all of that going on one thing was very evident to PosiGen and that was that all the programs with solar panels being offered were geared towards the wealthy not the low to moderate-income. 

Which they knew was wrong. Everyone deserves an efficient home with basic needs such as energy. While of course, everyone wants to save money no one would need that more than the low-income homes. The way that they were able to achieve this was very different from the way that other companies were doing business. At PosiGen, they made their decisions based on how much the customer will save, not how much the company will make. What I mean by this is that they would crunch all the numbers before installing if the customer would not save money, they do not install it.