Business CEO

Chichi Eburu is the Founder and CEO of Juvia’s Place

Chichi Eburu is the founder and CEO of Juvia’s Place, which now boasts over 2.4 million Instagram followers. She founded the makeup brand with only $2000 and a dream. During the initial stages of her business, she faced many obstacles and thus understood the challenges that black-owned businesses face.

Recently Juvia’s Place announced that it would give away six $50000 grants to black business owners to help them overcome challenges that small and new businesses face. Chichi Eburu is aware of the disparities that black-women-business go throw and is looking for ways to change the situation.

According to a statement released by Jovia’s Place, most black small business owners use cash to fund their operations. Loans are the major sources of these funds. This makes black startup entrepreneurs fall into debt with high-interest rates.

The statement also revealed that black women in the U.S currently start businesses at a higher rate than other groups. However, the average annual revenue for black female entrepreneurs is very low compared to non-black entrepreneurs. This is a true representation of the many challenges faced by these businesses.

To apply for this grant, you should meet the following requirements: be a black business owner, your business should be in the U.S, and your gross income for 2019 should be $250000 or less. The application is available on the Juvia’s Place website. You will have to answer various questions regarding the business info, write an essay highlighting the problems you face, and indicate what inspires you and how the grant will help boost your business.

Chichi Eburu, like many other black entrepreneurs, lacked access to a trust fund or lending. She built her business with minimal resources and support from the community. She is always thankful to the community for playing a crucial role in her business success. Her customers and mentors believed in her products, thus enabling her to achieve her dream. She launched the grant to give back to the community and support black entrepreneurs.