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Chichi is a Nonprofit Organization to help Women Who Live Below the Poverty

Founded in 2009, Chichi Eburu gives grants to black-owned businesses. Julia’s Place is an award-winning prom dress retailer specializing in modest dresses. They are partnering to provide loans and grants to small business owners living below the poverty line with high credit ratings. This summer, both will offer $1 gifts for eligible parents with children under 18 who need a prom dress.

In late 2018, Chichi Eburu partnered with Juvias Place to provide $1 grants for eligible parents with children under the age of 18 who need a prom dress (up to a maximum amount of $250). The grants will be made available to help parents purchase a prom outfit that is modest and formal.

Chichi is a nonprofit organization to help women who live below the poverty line afford to get their children the highest quality of education possible. Julia’s Place, an award-winning prom dress retailer, has teamed up with Chichi Eburu to assist eligible moms and dads who want to help better their children’s educational experience.

The sums provided by both organizations are in the $250 range. The grants will be for specific items such as formal dresses, buttons, bows, sashes, and tuxedos (if needed). Grant recipients must be able to provide receipts for their expenses.

The Chichi Eburu and Juvias Place partnership shows how small business owners are taking action to help their communities, both in the African-American community and in communities all over the country. When award-winning Juvias Place started to see the demand for modest dresses, they knew this was something that could be grown into a business with a real profit and impact.

Chichi Eburu has offered its customers modest clothing options since it opened. They want to get the word out about their mission so more shoppers can discover more modest options. Both organizations are making investments in helping others to be successful economically because of what God has done for them.