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Edgard Corona’s Entrepreneurial Aggressiveness

The CEO of SmartFit, Edgard Corona, is a chemical engineering graduate. His name is well known in the fitness segment in the country. In 1996, he established Bio Ritmo with no knowledge about the sector. Since its formation, he has been the leading name and the group’s CEO. Before venturing into the fitness segment, he was in charge of the family’s sugar mills with a chemical laboratory. The market of Latin America was integrated with more than a million students. Besides bringing a change to the whole market, SmartFit has also changed how people exercise in the country.

While in college, Edgard Corona owned a material analysis laboratory and a clothing store. He went to work with the family mills after selling his two businesses. While at the plant, he joined an academy that would be built as a partner. That is after realizing that it was a good investment. He decided to leave the sugar mills when the gym was still in the building process and after a skiing accident. The accident took place in 1996. After the accident, he had to undergo physical therapy, so he went to do physiotherapy at his gym. He decided to take care of his Bio Ritmo business since he was jobless.

Edgard Corona lost the gym after it was seized by the subway. After he managed to adapt and started earning money after 12 years of failure, this happened. From this, he understood that being an entrepreneur and owning a business is all about learning after doing some mistakes. Edgard realized that the gym’s management was getting complex in 2003. In 2008, he went to the united states, where he came across the largest chain of gyms that operated with popular prices, the Planet Fitness business model. After the visit, he launched the first model in Brazil.

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