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Hawkers on the top of sunglasses brands thanks to Alejandro Betancourt

In response to a design flaw plaguing stylish eyewear, New York-based designer Alejandro Betancourt has developed a novel solution; he places hawkers on the sides of his sunglasses’ lenses. The hawker’s job is to remind customers those sunglasses are not meant to be worn on the top of the head. The only place they should be worn is on the tip of the nose. The idea for this innovation came about when Alejandro Betancourt was going for a walk, and he noticed a woman walking down the street with her eyes blocked by her top hat from other pedestrians. He saw her and the next day, he went to the slopes and bought a pair of sunglasses with a hawker on their sides. He decided to launch a campaign to help educate people on wearing sunglasses in this unorthodox way.

1. The unusual way to wear sunglasses

Alejandro Betancourt’s idea is still absurd, but this is not the first time that bizarre ideas have come out of nowhere. Fashion companies and designers often find solutions to everyday problems in hilarious ways. “Many people just took it as a challenge, and they love it because they can see outdoors while they’re skiing or working.” Alejandro Betancourt told CNN. “I wanted to create a product that wasn’t a gimmick but had actual functionality.” Betancourt points out that he has been in the business of designing eyewear for over two decades. He also says that his motivation is not just his passion for sunglasses.

2. The inspiration behind the design

He was motivated by people losing sight of their surroundings because of this fashion trend. “It’s not just about the functionality of the glasses but also about the functionality of the eyewear industry and how people are buying these products without realizing that they’re selling a product that’s more harmful to your eyes than they realize, “Alejandro Betancourt explained.

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