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In The Nick of Time: Alejandro Betancourt

Things happen in business for a reason. This can definitely be said for a company called Hawkers. It is they type of company that was growing fast and the original owners did not know what to do. This is where a young entrepreneur named Alejandro Betancourt came into play. He had the perfect idea in the nick of time and now the name Alejandro Betancourt is synonymous with business success. This is how he went about it.

Alejandro Betancourt knew that he had a good product in front of him. The one thing he had to do was to get the product into the hands of consumers. This is when he came up with the idea of a social media campaign. No other company had tried something like this before and it was very risky. The risk paid off and now Alejandro Betancourt is one of the most highly regarded business owners in the sunglasses industry today and more

The key for the campaign to work was word of mouth. It was one of those things that just fell into place. People started talking about how good these sunglasses were and that is when sales took off. Not only were the sunglasses affordable for people they were environmentally friendly as well. That is a win-win for everyone. All it took was one idea and now look how high the company is flying.

He had come in the nick of time. If he had not, Hawkers would be in the dust bin like many other businesses. All it took was for one person to figure out what a good product the company had and how to get it out there. One idea can make a difference. It is one of the best comeback stories in recent years. It makes him very happy indeed.

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