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 Mahmoud Khattab  – The Precision MD. CEO Shares about the Fate of Businesses beyond the Pandemic

For many years, Precision MD CEO, Mahmoud Khattab, has done a tremendous job in business. He is an Asian American renowned for his exceptional philanthropic work in ensuring the immigrants’ wellbeing. Mahmud undertook his education in Syria before relocating to the United States. He studied Aesthetic Medicine at the University of Damascus Medical School and graduated in 1999.

Mahmoud’s Role as the CEO of Precision MD, California

Like any other employer, Mahmoud Khattab has targets to meet with his business. Each day counts, and he has learned how to ensure maximum productivity. Khattab wakes up early every workday and heads straight to his office to plan for the day. He affirmed that he usually checks different work emails and replies as soon as possible to ensure efficient communication with partners and other stakeholders. Mahmoud also noted that he goes to the gym at least three times weekly for physical fitness.

Mahmoud Khattab attributes his entrepreneurship success to two primary factors. First, he considers all his clients and workers essential. As a result, he treats them equally and offers a conducive working environment at all times. His other winning strategy is staying focused until he achieves what he wants. He’s a boss who believes in himself and never gives up no matter what happens. A Gartner CEO survey recently revealed various things to expect in the business post the Covid-19 era, and Mahmoud Khattab agrees. The research discovered the following:

  • Most interviewed business leaders were optimistic about the coronavirus vaccines administered in different regions. The CEOs hope that the vaccinations will open up potential markets, thus leading to business growth.
  • CEOs are eyeing new markets. However, they prefer operating in areas adjacent to their homelands to other locations.
  • The digital investment sector has seen an increased approval rating among CEOs. According to the survey findings, CEOs will channel more resources to digital products and services after the pandemic.