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 Marwan Kheireddine: The Story of a Super Successful Entrepreneur

AM Bank is a significant commercial bank in Lebanon, and Marwan Kheireddine serves as the institution’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. During his office, Marwan Kheireddine was instrumental in various decisions about the nation’s economy, finances, and fiscal policy.

Due to his history in banking, he was in a particularly advantageous position to garner support for establishing regulations that would safeguard Lebanon’s banking industry and increase the country’s compliance with international laws and conventions. He saw the approval from the government for these laws.

Kheireddine is a firm believer in fostering economic expansion by facilitating the development of the private sector. He was instrumental in developing Banque du Liban Circular 331, legislation that aims to foster long-term economic expansion by providing financial assistance to business owners. Learn more

The circular treads new ground by enabling banks to participate in technology companies, accelerators, and venture capital firms and providing financial incentives for them to do so.

Am Bank is fully licensed to conduct and undertake all commercial banking activities. It is a full-service bank, providing a wide range of traditional banking services and specialized products to its well-diversified clientele in Lebanon and abroad. It is a full-service universal bank with an extensive network of 21 branches in Lebanon, 11 offices in France, and over 500 ATMs in Lebanon, as well as a network of 400+ ATMs and over 1,200+ client service points in France and Europe.

Kheireddine: The future of Lebanon will therefore be determined by two factors – a change of mindset and the attainment of authentic political leadership. It will depend upon the answer to two questions first, whether Lebanese can bring about an economic model that will enable Lebanon to mobilize resources to create a social safety net.

The Anti-Money Laundering Law is the cornerstone of a bank compliance program. It establishes rules, standards, and responsibilities of banks to ensure that they remain committed to adhering to stringent anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism standards. Marwan Kheireddine was selected as a LEAF Alumnus of the Year for 2017.