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Sameday Health Rolls Out Flu and Strep Testing in California

Strep And Flu Testing Is Now Available From Sameday Health.

Sameday Health has begun offering tests for both stomach flu and the flu virus at three California locations. The company is trying to make it easier for people to get diagnosed without having to schedule an appointment and travel to an office or hospital.

In a move to make mobile health services more convenient, Sameday Health has launched its latest mobile app in the form of Strep and Flu Testing. The initiative is made possible by partnering with three California locations; Long Beach, Los Felize, and Venice. With this expansion, the company hopes to provide patients with easier access to preventative healthcare than had been available prior.

Having a positive diagnosis early on can significantly improve one’s health and quality of life. For people with strep throat, this can mean avoiding antibiotics and the common symptoms of bacterial infection — sore throat, fever, and fatigue — that some patients may face. It’s also important to note that strep throats are very contagious, so those who believe they have caught the illness should make an appointment at a clinic or doctor’s office as soon as possible.

The flu test enables people in California to quickly diagnose a common virus that is responsible for more than 170,000 hospitalizations and 14,000 deaths per year. California has been hit particularly hard by this year’s flu epidemic, with Long Beach, Los Felize, and Venice being among the first cities to declare a public health emergency.

Patients seeking a convenient, efficient, and affordable way to get tested for the flu or strep can now go to Sameday Health in the Greater Los Angeles area. The company has just announced that it is offering rapid strep and flu testing in Long Beach, Los Felize, and Venice.